About Lori Skedelsky

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Lori Skedelsky is a dog lover and the owner of a Siberian Husky. Lori, like millions of other Americans, understands the positive effects that come with dog ownership.

Research has shown that playing and spending time with dogs can actually increase mood levels, relieve stress, facilitate an active lifestyle, and more! For Lori and the millions of other dog owners across the country, however, the greatest benefit of dog ownership is simply the fun that comes with spending time with her dog.

Of the more than 300 recognized dog breeds around the world, Lori Skedelsky owns a Siberian Husky. These dogs are easily recognizable due to their thick fur coats, almond eyes, and facial markings. They were originally bred in Siberia as working dogs, but in the United States, they became popular as racing sled dogs after first arriving in Nome, Alaska in 1908.

The breed is a great choice for potential dog owners because of Siberian Huskies’ intelligence as well as their extremely friendly demeanor. They get along well people, children, and even other dogs. There are certain traits that owners should watch out for in Siberian Huskies, however, as these dogs are very independent and notorious for their ability to escape or run away–they can even jump over or dig under fences to make a getaway!

Lori Skedelsky’s passion for dogs has led her to support the efforts of animal shelters for dogs and other potential pets. There are more than 5,000 independent animal shelters in the United States. Each year, shelters take in approximately 6.5 million cats and dogs, and they help 3.2 million of them find new homes through adoptions to loving families! Unfortunately, this means that millions of cats and dogs remain in shelters, which have limited resources to provide care for them. People can support animal shelters through donations of supplies and money, but to really make a difference in the lives of these animals, Lori recommends volunteering your time and showing these dogs and cats the love and affection they deserve.